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Jim Monahan’s 2015 New Hampshire Political and Policy Predictions

The state operating budget will find a way to get balanced by June 30th. The process will begin with a $300 million revenue challenge, but without major new revenue sources it will pass. The combination of a stronger business tax forecast and … more

Score Card on Jim Monahan’s 2014 Predictions

By Jim Monahan In January of 2014, I made ten predictions about politics and policy in New Hampshire for the coming year.  The scorecard is below: The scope and tone of action on the Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare, will become much … more

SUPCO case heard today: does NH have a stake?

By Curtis Barry The Portland Press Herald today reports on two Maine lawyers arguing today before the U.S. Supreme Court in a case that sounds dreadfully familiar.  The case is related to a Colorado law that requires “out-of-state retailers, such as Amazon … more

Ed Dupont Remembers David Nixon

As a former State Senate President, I appreciate the work of Senate Presidents before and after my tenure. It is a small club and one in which we all respect and honor each other. Today we morn the death of former Senate … more

Happy Halloween from the Dupont Group!

Consumer Spending Trumps Consumer Confidence

By Curtis J. Barry How much stock, as it were, should we put in consumer confidence?  However it is measured, consumer confidence hit high points when we were just out of the recession but not nearly into a recovered economy.  A recent … more

Still, They Say No Inflation Worries

By Curtis Barry The other day, The Wall Street Journal paraphrased an old clichéd philosophical question.  “When the cost of a hamburger patty soars, does it count as inflation?”  The article, co-written by Ben Leubsdorf (who is familiar to New Hampshire politicos … more

Policy Summary: HB 1602, An Act Relative to the Divestiture of PSNH Generation Assets

Prepared by the The NH Independent Energy Council and EmpowerNH Background Public Service of New Hampshire (PSNH) is the only electric utility in the country that owns power plants but whose customers have the full right to leave and purchase electricity from … more

Curtis Barry’s Forecast for Tomorrow’s Kentucky Derby

General a Rod (8), Wildcat Red (10) and California Chrome (5) have the best overall times at 1 1/8 and 1 1/16 miles, and the best closing times, but factoring in speed for the California tracks, the 8 & 10 have the … more

Brace for Inflation, Despite What TV Economists Declare

By Curtis Barry Forbes reported yesterday that Safeway is responding to higher costs by passing them along to consumers in higher food prices. One would expect a chain with 1,300 locations to not make this move lightly, rather we should expect others … more