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Finding the Center of Gravity on the New Hampshire Marijuana Debate

By Jim Monahan When the legislative session began, none of the early predictions suggested that the marijuana debate would emerge as hotly contested an issue as it is becoming.  Because medical marijuana legislation passed in 2013, a majority of the Senate said … more

Total Employment Gap Still Exists Despite Better Employment Picture

By Curtis Barry Yesterday’s news on the New Hampshire unemployment rate is certainly welcome, and the total workforce continues to climb, but is the news really “great?”  The fact is there are as many people working in New Hampshire now as in … more

NH Health Protection Program to Advance Medicaid Expansion Policy Nears Completion in State Legislature

Pictured left to right:  NH Speaker of the House Terie Norelli, US Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy and NH State Senator Sylvia Larsen On June 28, 2012 we were attending a small mid-morning fundraiser at Senator Larsen’s house where Caroline Kennedy was … more

Tristin Craigue’s Political Scrapbook

Take a look back at Tristin Craigue’s grandmother Donna, and see if you recognize any of the political heavy hitters pictured with her! Donna Anderson worked tirelessly for the Republican Party throughout her lifetime.  She was not only a personal benefactor for … more

2014 Energy Policy: Divesture of PSNH Power Plants

HB 1602 an act relative to the divestiture of PSNH assets, addresses the issue of Public Service of New Hampshire (PSNH)’s remaining power plants.  In recent days, the House Science, Technology and Energy Committee voted 11-1 to pass the bill and begin … more

A Report on the Roads and Bridges in New Hampshire

See the YouTube link below to listen to House Public Works and Highways Chair David Campbell give an update on the status of NH roads and bridges (originally recorded on November 20th, 2013).

New Affirmation of the NH Advantage

By Curtis Barry today reports on the “year of reckoning” for brick-and-mortar stores.  In this prescient article, the author cites a source saying that online shopping has increased 99% since 2006, a trend that will continue to grow for various reasons, … more

Setting the Stage for 2014 Regional Energy Policy: Will Gas Beat Hydro?

by Jim Monahan, Vice President of the Dupont Group The advent of new domestic natural gas reserves in the United States is transforming the energy market in New England. Over the past three years, the price of natural gas, which fuels a … more

Jim Monahan’s 2014 New Hampshire State House Predictions

1.  The scope and tone of action on the Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare, will become much more about implementation than repeal.  Slow but steady progress in 2014 will bake into the healthcare mix, exchange/marketplace, navigators and premium assistance and potentially the … more

Jim Monahan’s Top Ten Predictions for 2013 Revisited

Part of the fun in making New Year predictions is looking back to see how you did.  In January 2013, I made ten predictions in the Anteroom blog.  Overall I did ok, but didn’t exactly bat a thousand.  So, below I re-post … more