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Burton: Remembering a New Hampshire Statesman Like No Other

Ed Dupont, “Today NH lost one of our best.  While his deeds in support of the North Country were most commonly noted, Ray Burton’s New Hampshire-wide legacy will last well beyond his passing.  Hundreds of interns were inspired by Ray to embrace … more

Ed Dupont recalls the 18hr standoff leading up to his election as Senate President, then guiding NH through the “Nightmare on Elm Street”

When I last left off it was 1983, and I had just been elected to the Senate in a close race against George Bald.  It was my first foray into state politics and I found out that I really liked the public … more

Congratulations to NH Senate President Morse

Honorable NH State Senator Chuck Morse   Congratulations to Senator Morse on his ascending to the Senate Presidency.  It is a great honor to be recognized by your peers as the individual they want to lead them.  Senator Morse’s knowledge of the … more

Bragdon Steps Down, Opening Up NH Senate

  The Concord Monitor’s Ben Leubsdorf is reporting that State Senator Peter Bragdon will step down as Senate President after a four-day controversy regarding his acceptance of a position as head of the Local Government Center (LGC), an entity affiliated with the … more

SB 74 Signed into Law by Governor Hassan

Today, Governor Maggie Hassan signed SB 74, legislation that enables the development of heating districts.  By reducing regulation, this bill helps clear the way for communities like Claremont NH to create lower cost heating districts. The Dupont Group worked with the Jordan … more

Curtis Barry: Keno is overlooked as NH focuses on casino legislation

Though there have been several Keno proposals over the years, they’ve been overshadowed by casino legislation and have not been met with a serious attempt to create a workable program within the New Hampshire Lottery. Connecticut is the latest state to move … more

Curtis Barry on the Economics of Immigration with a Personal Case in Point

  Stephen Moore of The Wall Street Journal recently opined “What Would Milton Friedman Say? (about immigration).” Based upon actual conversations and statements by Friedman, the maharishi of free market philosophy, Moore unveils that Friedman was an immigration proponent, stating that Friedman … more