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The Dupont Group is engaged on many fronts to assist New Hampshire businesses, non-profit organizations and trade groups as they work to maneuver though the current COVID-19 pandemic. As an organization, and with key partners, we are ready to offer informed strategic counsel and apply our experience in government affairs and communications during the immediate health emergency, as well as in the stabilization and economic stimulus periods which will unfold in the months to come.

Government Affairs

State government has been the linchpin of information and early supports for New Hampshire’s business, health care and non-profits in the COVID-19 crisis. The Dupont Group’s deep understanding of the State’s operations, policy and leadership establishes a strong foundation for assisting and advising clients. As the pandemic matures and gives way to stabilization and stimulus, the Dupont Group will be a steady source of information and engagement, as we help clients understand and access State and federal supports and opportunities.

Communications & Public Relations

The Dupont Group’s Communications and Public Relations division, White Birch Communications, is a full-service public relations and marketing firm serving the business and nonprofit communities.  The firm’s expertise in crisis communications offers organizations continued messaging and branding stability as they go through uncertain, unplanned and overwhelming times. White Birch lays out and executes strategic planning so organizations can focus on what matters. It provides a full range of communications services, including news media programs, project-oriented services, social media management, strategic communications planning, and event management.


Anticipation of government procurement, understanding State agency requests for proposals and other purchasing methods, and familiarity with the contract approval process by the Executive Council, are areas in which the Dupont Group is routinely engaged. Accessing programs in the recently passed federal COVID-19 relief legislation (CARES Act), and seeking and securing State programs and supports, will be critical in the months to come. 

Public Policy Campaign Management

The Dupont Group has been the architect of several public policy campaigns in the health care, energy and workforce arenas in recent years. The follow-up need for major policy initiatives will emerge as the pandemic subsides and as government and other institutions need to rebuild. These campaigns will need critical leadership and know-how to be successful.

Event Management

The Dupont Group runs several annual public policy conferences in New Hampshire and New England and is often retained to run major events for clients. Database management, marketing, audience engagement, speaker recruitment, and development of panel presentations, combine to ensure a successful event.  These skills have been successfully transferred to virtual platforms with the technical supports needed for strong on-line conferences.

Assembling the Right Team

Every organization and business will face unique challenges and needs both during the current health emergency and after.  The Dupont Group sits in a strong position to help develop solutions. We have established working relationships with State government, local and national trade associations and a reach into our own client base to assemble the right team to lead you though the COVID-19 obstacle course. Our history of partnerships with economic consultants, law firms, news media organizations, and many of New Hampshire’s key institutions, positions us well to identify solutions and put a team on the field to meet your needs.

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