The Anteroom

Burton: Remembering a New Hampshire Statesman Like No Other

Councilor Burton's Chair

(photo courtesy Ray Brewer, WMUR)

Ed Dupont, “Today NH lost one of our best.  While his deeds in support of the North Country were most commonly noted, Ray Burton’s New Hampshire-wide legacy will last well beyond his passing.  Hundreds of interns were inspired by Ray to embrace politics and were privileged to work in his office – a real laboratory of public service.  They learned the art of politics by someone who was a master.  That legacy will endure for many lifetimes.  Everyone who worked with Ray got a chance to learn what public service really was, from one of the most dedicated politicians that I have ever met.  Ray will be missed by all!”

Curtis Barry, “New Hampshire will never see a public official as dedicated, conscientious and knowledgeable as Ray Burton; he set the high bar for public service that will likely never be bested.  No one but Ray and God will know the vast number of lives he touched in a positive way through his decades of service to his community and the state of New Hampshire in ways too numerous to mention.”

Susan Connolly, “Councilor Burton boarded a new train this morning.  Godspeed, Ray.  Thank you for giving me my start in politics, serving your constituents with heart and tenacity and leaving a stellar example of statesmanship.  You will be missed, not only by the people of the state of NH, but by your interns far and wide.”