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Ed Dupont Remembers David Nixon

David Nixon

As a former State Senate President, I appreciate the work of Senate Presidents before and after my tenure. It is a small club and one in which we all respect and honor each other. Today we morn the death of former Senate President David Nixon who passed away last Saturday at the age of 82.

Senator Nixon gained political prominence in the 1970s as a leader of the moderate wing of the Republican Party under former Governor Walter Peterson. He served as Senate President in 1973-74, then ran unsuccessfully against conservative Governor Meldrim Thomson in the Republican primary for Governor in 1974.

In a 2007 story in the NH Business Review they asked David if he enjoyed his tenure as Senate President. His response was,

“I enjoyed being a House Member more than I did being a Senator or Senate President. Being in the Senate was like being the manager of a baseball team of all pitchers. Everybody had their own agenda, and you’re trying to create some order out of the chaos.”

While I could agree with his assessment of the Senate, I know he enjoyed his time in the Senate and House from my conversations with him over the years.

He will be missed by many and my condolences to his family and friends.

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