Birch Trees


White Birch Communications Group is a Concord, New Hampshire-based full-service public relations and marketing firm serving the business and non-profit community.  White Birch grew out of the Dupont Group and our clients’ need for specialized public relations services and effective communications with other businesses, consumers and public officials.  By developing and maintaining a strong understanding of our clients’ business activities and market positions, White Birch is able to shape and deliver an effective, cogent message to regional, trade and national news media.

White Birch provides a full range of communications services, including the development and distribution of news releases and news media programs, news media tracking and monitoring, as well as the incorporation of news media programs into marketing and government affairs activities.

While White Birch focuses on providing comprehensive public relations counsel to a limited number of clients primarily, we offer project-oriented services, as well:

  • Business Announcements
  • Crisis Management
  • Event Management
  • News Release Programs
  • News Media Programs
  • Press Conferences
  • Op-Eds and Other Opinion Pieces
  • News Media Tracking and Monitoring
  • Speech Writing

In addition, White Birch develops and implements comprehensive corporate communication projects designed to define and establish products and business services, and operates a New Hampshire-based business speakers’ bureau.

White Birch Communications Group operates as a subsidiary of the Dupont Group.  This strategic alliance facilitates a significant public relations niche and provides White Birch and its clients the strategic ability to effectively integrate news media management with government affairs and State House lobbying.

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