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The Dupont Group has represented independent energy producers, consumers and developers in New Hampshire and the region for many years.  We were key players in the development of electric energy deregulation legislation in the mid-90s; have served on the Advisory Board of the Independent Systems Operator (ISO) New England; and are founding members and active participants on the New Hampshire Independent Energy Council.

Annually, we present the New Hampshire Energy Summit which brings together energy industry leaders, trade professionals, consumers and policymakers to explore the emerging issues that drive legislation, regulatory agendas and markets.

Our history with and network of contacts are broad at the Public Utilities Commission, Governor’s Energy Office, Office of Consumer Advocate, and in the energy committees at the State House, as are our relationships with other stakeholders.  We assist both start-ups and established firms to successfully navigate the legislative and regulatory waters in the energy arena.

Our efforts continue in the areas of energy efficiency and renewable power generation.  In the decade to come, as the challenges of energy and the environment intersect, the Dupont Group is well-positioned to assist clients in finding opportunities and managing a changing regulatory structure.