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Tristin Craigue’s Political Scrapbook

Take a look back at Tristin Craigue’s grandmother Donna, and see if you recognize any of the political heavy hitters pictured with her!

Donna Anderson worked tirelessly for the Republican Party throughout her lifetime.  She was not only a personal benefactor for the party but she also helped to raise funds, worked on campaigns and acted as a delegate at several Republican conventions.  She was a member of the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services (DACOWITS).

Pat Nixon, Mame Eisenhower and Donna Anderson

Mame Eisenhower, Pat Nixon and Donna Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Cohen, Donna Anderson and Ed Nixon

Secret Service Agent, Donna Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Cohen and Ed Nixon (President Richard Nixon’s brother)

Spiro Agnew and Donna AndersonDonna Anderson and Vice President Spiro Agnew

Bill Cohen, Jock McKernon and Ed NixonBill Cohen (US Representative, US Senator and Secretary of Defense under President Bill Clinton), Donna Anderson, John Rettie “Jock” McKernan, Jr. (Governor of Maine and husband of US Senator Olympia Snowe), and Ed Nixon

General Westmoreland and Donna AndersonGeneral William Westmoreland and Donna Anderson

Senator Margaret Chase Smith, Richard Nixon and Donna AndersonUS Representative then US Senator Margaret Chase Smith, Donna Anderson and Richard Nixon